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AC/EC fan controller (2fan) 2x5A

AC/EC fan controller (2fan) 2x5A
RoHs Compliant CE Mark
Price:  €249.00
Catalogue No: FC13-210

Product details

AC-EC LCD fan controller for 2fans 2x5A

This AC-EC fan controller with LCD display, a rotary push knob allows a very fast setting of all the values and reading of all the information's given by the fan such as actual set speed, temperature, humidity day/night, negative pressure of the intake fan and RPM (rounds per minute) of the EC-exhaust fan. A built in light sensor in the probe recognise day/night modes. Two 5A/230V AC exits for intake and exhaust fan, in parallel you have 2xRJ45 connector and you can choose between 0-10V or PWM (pulse wide modulation) signal. 2 internal temperature sensors prevent from overheating on the heat sink and processor side. The AC-EC fan controller comes with power cable 1.5m, 4m sensor cable. It is ready to use. You can program 15 individual settings with rotary push button.

-Temperature day
-Temperature hysteresis day
-Humidity day
-Humidity hysteresis day
-Minimum speed day
-Maximum speed day
-Temperature night
-Temperature hysteresis night
-Humidity night
-Humidity hysteresis night
-Minimum speed night
-Maximum speed night
-Negative pressure setting
-Switch sensor level
-Switch over time day/night

LCD display:
-Graphic and digital display of speed rpm constant
-Temperature display constant
-Humidity display constant
-Set point selectable not constant, over input keys

Sizes and technical data's:
Case: WxHxD = 130x80x70mm
Controller: WxHxD = 160x110x90mm
Designed for: 2x1'000W
Volts: 230V / 50HZ
Current: 10A
Digital sensor 5V Measures temperatures from –55°C to +125°C (–67°F to +257°F)
0.5°C accuracy from –10°C to +85°C
humidity accuracy ±4.5%rh

Protection class: IP54

Settings range:
Temperature: 15C° to 35C°, Hyst 1 to 5C°
Humidity setting: 0-100%, Hyst 1 to 20%
Minimum speed: off, 1% to 100%
Maximum speed: 10% to 100%
Negative pressure: 0% to -50%

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