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Lamp fixture 250-400-600-660W

Lamp fixture 250-400-600-660W
RoHs Compliant CE Mark
Price:  €229.00
Catalogue No: EF600-203

Product details

Lamp fixture for 600W, 400W, 250W HPS and MH lamps.

-Starts 250W, 400W, 600W, HPS and MH lamps
-Overdrive +10% output power
-Soft start technology low current
-Hot lamp protection
-Infinitely variable control
-Cool down dimming protection
-High efficiency >0.96
-LED status light diagnostic
-Stand by mode
-Up to 3 years direct warranty

-Miro9 glass coated with small concave hammered
-Adjustable in hight change the reflection angle
-Adjustable to center the bulb



The GSE lamp fixture can manage all kind of MH metal-halide and HPS high pressure sodium bulbs at 250-400-600W. A UV- acid- and waterproof foil build in LED indicate the status and on 3knobs you can change the wattage. By steps from 660W-600W-400W-250W or with push and hold even step less from 660W to 250W. GSE uses only finest high quality components such as aluminium casted long live and high temperature electrolytic capacitor, transistors PhilipsNXP, high frequency ISKRA components etc... and source >84% EU manufactured components. A extremely big-surface aluminium radiator keeps the running temperature low and provides a long life of the components. The high frequecy above 80kHz to 220kHz avoids acustic resonance of the bulb.

The lamp fixture comes as a finish assembled product with 3m connector cable, reflector with E40 Lampholder and Silvania Grolux 600W HPS bulb.

Sizes and technical data's:
WxHxD = 320x180x470mm
Weight: 3.75kg
Designed for: 250W, 400W, 600W, HPS and MH lamps
Watt: 730W
Volts: 230V / 50HZ

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