Product warranty activation

Terms of service

  1. According to these terms G-Systems Engineering Ltd guarantees that this product has no defects in the design, material and production during the selling and warranty period.

  2. If this product, still under guarantee, shows defects in the design, material and production during its usage, an authorized trader or a partner of the repairing service of G-Systems Engineering Ltd in the place of purchase will repair or replace it according to their opinion within the framework of the following terms. 

  3. The guarantee is valid if you show the warranty card given to you in the place of selling with the receipt containing the serial number and the date of purchase accompanying the product for repairing respectively for replacing. G-Systems Engineering Ltd reserves its right to refuse the warranty terms if the information mentioned above is deleted or changed after the purchase. 

  4. If G-Systems Engineering Ltd repairs or replaces a product then the pretensions for guarantee of the replaced respectively repaired product are in force within the time remained from the initial warranty period or 90 days after the point of repair. The replacement is realized with functionally equivalent, fixed devices. Replaced parts or groups belong to G-Systems Engineering Ltd.

  5. The guarantee is not in force for defects of the device which are result from the normally wear and tear, wrong use or abuse and also when the product is not used properly or used disregarding the instructions of G-Systems Engineering Ltd.

  6. The guarantee is not in force for defects caused by installation, modification, repair or opening the product by persons who are not authorized by G-Systems Engineering Ltd or faults caused by putting inside the product additional components or peripheral appliances. 

  7. In some countries/states repairing respectively restricting of indirect or consequent damages as well as cutting the continuity of the guarantee period are not allowed. In this case, the present restrictions do not concern you. 

  8. The guarantee does not restrict neither the lawful rights of the consumers nor their rights towards the trader, resulting from the purchase contract.

  9. The transport back to us has to be provided by the client. In case of a valid warranty G-Systems Engineering Ltd. will reimburse the shipping expenses for the economy local post tariff. A copy of the receipt has to be shown to G-Systems Engineering Ltd.