Return merchandise authorization - RMA

How does the warranty processing work at G-Systems Engineering Ltd?

Before you can return a defective unit to us you have to create an RMA number. The RMA number (for example: 1711) will be valid for your entire repair process. If you have any questions during the repair process you can always tell us your RMA number. This way we will be able to give you a quick response and we avoid misunderstandings. By Using the RMA number you can send or bring us the defective products. If you send them by post or courier it is important that the RMA number is clearly visible in the recipient address.

Package details

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Postal address:

G-Systems Engineering OOD

Industrial zone 11

8800, Sliven, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 44 675 357


After we receive your post pack we will make a visual inspection for transport damages. You will get notified by e-mail when the item has arrived.  

Important information

The transport back to us is not part of the warranty service and has to be provided by the client.